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To apply for funding, simply fill out the application below, and include all requested information and materials. 

Please note, we do not fund translations, book-writing projects, or projects advocating political policy.

Prometheus Foundation Programs

Prometheus Foundation has three programs: The Objectivist Venture Fund, the Scholarships Program, and the New Intellectuals Fund.

Objectivist Venture Fund

The Objectivist Venture Fund (OVF) underwrites organizations and individuals who present strong business plans and proofs of concept for ventures that will promote Ayn Rand’s ideas in substantial ways. Such ventures have included new Ayn Rand centers, book clubs, schools, meet-up groups, seminars, centers of learning, projects within activist organizations, and programs within universities.

Scholarships Program

The Scholarship Program funds talented, up-and-coming scholars who seek to promote Objectivism as a significant part of their career. Objectivists of any age may apply for funds to finance their formal education. Recipients must demonstrate substantial understanding of Objectivism and the ability and intention to promote it.

Productiveness Program

The Productiveness Program provides financial support to accomplished Objectivist intellectuals to help them focus their efforts on high-leverage intellectual work. Productiveness grants can be awarded to help an intellectual write a book, hire an editor, develop courses, hire an assistant, or delegate projects or tasks.

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