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Optimism in Ukraine

by | May 24, 2022 | Announcements

While attending the New Intellectuals Conference (NICON) hosted by the Ayn Rand Center Europe in Prague in April, I had the great pleasure of meeting a group of young women from Ukraine who were eager to escape the turmoil in their country—even if just for a week—in order to engage with other European students.

These young women are all graduates of the John Galt School in Ukraine and now work in their free time with either Ayn Rand Center Ukraine or with Ukrainian Students for Freedom, while also attending to their university studies. 

They were proud to report that ARC Ukraine did not shut down the 8-week John Galt School program, which commenced just prior to the Russian invasion. Rather, they followed through until the program was complete, receiving feedback from the new JGS graduates that the tools for “navigating life” taught in the program had given them even more courage to face the challenges of rebuilding their country—and their lives—when the war is won. 

I was very impressed with these young individuals (aged 18 to 25), and with their optimism. Matt Kibbe, a speaker at NICON, conducted an interview with them, which you can watch here.

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